A Flexible Approach to Your Sessions


It can be easy to dismiss worries and difficulties and simply hold on to the hope that "things will eventually get better" - especially when life is already so busy and complicated. But if you're unhappy in particular areas of life or love it's probably affecting many other aspects of your life too.


So, can you really afford to wait for that some-day, one-day to come around? As someone who regularly sees the benefits of counselling for clients, I believe that having fulfilment and happiness in life is much too important to leave to chance or the passage of time. What Clients Say


If you'd like to give it a try but don't know if you want to commit, that's fine. I offer an optional three-step process to all my prospective clients. All you need to do is email me, or pick up the phone for a quick chat to find out if and how I can help you.

Most clients see me for face-to-face sessions booked weekly/fortnightly at a regular time over a period of weeks or months. I also offer sessions via Skype & FaceTime, phone and email.


NOTE: Sessions are currently only available via Zoom or Skype online & phone. See COVID-19/ Coronavirus page for more information


Appointments are available weekdays and evenings, between 10am & 7pm (all subject to availability). I take a flexible approach to scheduling to support people for whom a regular 'same-time-each-week' commitment is difficult. 


Stages of Support

Optional phone consultation 

An optional 15 minute telephone conversation for you to find out more about me and the service I offer, so you can decide whether my approach is right for you.

Free of charge & no obligation

One hour assessment

A one hour face-to-face interview-style assessment helps each of us to to find out more about your needs and the results you'd like to get.

£75 for one hour consultation

Core Services

Regular sessions


Counselling is a process and every client is different so the number of sessions each client or couple needs, and how often, varies. I typically recommend an initial commitment to 6 hour-long sessions following the assessment. Many clients choose to continue with additional sessions, and some see me regularly over a period of months, years or just every now & again. We discuss what will work best for you at the assessment and keep things under review as we go forward.

From* £70 per hour

(*as 6-session pre-paid package @£420)



Currently Suspended


Most clients choose to see me for regular face-to-face sessions. My private consulting room is located in Branksome Park, Poole - close to Westbourne, Bournemouth. There is free on-street parking nearby.

Online & Telephone


Currently Offered

Zoom & Skype are encrypted online video-conferencing platforms. Zoom is preferred by many organisations inc. NHS for therapeutic work as it has a higher level of security overall.

Skype offers an acceptable level of security and can be requested.

Other phone Apps & standard phone calls also available on request.

Email / Chat


Currently Offered


Counselling by email can be effective if done well. I would recommend other options first but I would be pleased to discuss your needs and preferences here to work out a viable solution. Fees subject to agreement.

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