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Client Testimonials

Thank you so much for helping and guiding me to get to this point. I've made a few small tweaks to my daughter's routine which has made a huge improvement for us. She has even been happily spending the odd hour in the company of others without me, which is huge progress too! Mum

Thank you so much for all your help over the last months, it has really been invaluable and got me over some obstacles that were looking insurmountable. I feel so much more empowered over my responses to things now and in turn that’s reaping benefits. I hope it will last but feel more confident than usual that it will. Individual - Female

I would say my time with you has been the most intriguing and insightful experience of my life. It’s opened up a new world to me that I’ll encourage others to look into as well.

Individual - Male

I have been able to grow like I never knew I could before. I put everything I learned into practice and your sessions really helped me to be where I am today. I leave my bed every day now, do exercise classes, I'm learning to drive and so much more. Thank you for that! Couple - Female

Even in the first two sessions we have had, I feel I have something new and clear to work with. Thanks! Couple - Male

I cannot thank you enough for your advice and care. I feel comfortable in my skin for the first time in years.... For now, my heart is clear and open, and that's all we can really ask for I think, to move forward in life. Couple - Female

I think I'm finally living the life I imagined! Thank you! Individual - Female

You have helped us through such a tricky time and reframed the outcome for us both. ... Thank you for your support, loving kindness and advice. Couple

At my first session I was nearly in hysterics, panicking that I was not measuring up to any of life’s standards. My sex life, my love life and indeed my life was in tatters. The sessions with you not only improved the areas that I thought I needed help with, they went to my core. I walked out of the final session more whole than I have ever felt in my adult life. At last I was equipped with the self confidence to really blossom and grow. This was a life changing experience of which you read about in books!  Individual - Female

I found some of the sessions quite challenging at times, but all have been positive and very thought provoking! I'm not sure anybody else could have made me feel so at ease to be able to open up like I did. I/we have learned a lot and you have given us the tools for us to go forward and to start a new chapter in our relationship together. Couple

At the start I was quite sceptical, but I’m a complete advocate [of counselling] now. I’d go so far as to say it’s a good thing even if there is no problem as such. It’s a great opportunity to talk with someone who is completely neutral and non-judgmental and be challenged about the way you think about people and relationships. Now when a date isn’t going to plan I just imagine Helen’s voice in my ear and ask myself “what would she say?” Individual - Male


We really appreciate your help. We have decided to separate but are both being civil and are now communicating more honestly and effectively. We are also being amicable which is great and we are putting the children first. Couple

I am feeling a lot better and would like to thank you for all of the support you've provided over the last few months. I'm not sure how I would have got to where I am without you. I will certainly be in touch again should I feel I need to Individual - Female

I am still feeling the huge impact from our session yesterday. I am using the power of my awakening like magic and slowly going through different areas of my life, tentatively touching each area with new clarity and letting it transform. The process is slow but really joyous.   Individual - Female

I started getting counselling from Helen at a very stuck stage of my relationship. I was confused because I was unhappy in what seemed like it should be a perfect relationship. She listened to all my cries without judgement after which she would ask simple questions that led me to an unshakeable clarity about the next steps for me. Without ever being told what I needed to do it was so clear that I had to find the courage to leave what was comfortable and familiar and follow my heart to find what will make me happy! Now I am single but more open to finding real love than I have ever been.  Individual - Female (Daily Mail YOU magazine, Jan 2016)

The overall process has been absolutely brilliant! All of a sudden everything clicks into place and when you can see the full circle, all the work we’ve been doing over these few weeks makes complete sense. I’ve had what I thought were good and bad sessions, and sometimes I’ve felt down and very reflective, but in retrospect I feel there’s never been a bad session because it’s all been extremely helpful.  Individual - Male

My attitude to sex has completely changed. I used to think it was always going to be disastrous, but now I have hope that I can have a satisfying and enjoyable sex life. I’ve learned to relax a lot more and not be so bossy, so it’s a lot easier for someone to be spontaneous and more relaxed with me.  Individual - Female

I split up with my ex- a few months ago. She left me, and I would have done anything to get back with her. I thought that the problems in our relationship were all my fault and if I could just prove myself to her she would take me back. Talking to Helen helped me to see how I’d built my whole world around her and lost myself in the process. Through the counselling, I went from thinking my ex- was perfect and I didn’t deserve her, to realising we didn’t want the same things in life at all and I really didn’t want her back. I moved on quite quickly after that and I’m now looking for a grown-up relationship with someone who does want the same things as me.  Individual - Female

I was so resigned about my marriage when I met Helen. I’d reached the point of thinking this was a last resort. I really believed “there’s no point to this, nothing will ever change; he will never change”. And then the penny dropped! I realised that if I wanted a different kind of relationship, it was largely down to me. I stopped expecting my partner to be a mind-reader, and tried telling him what I wanted instead. It was like a small miracle! We stopped arguing over the small stuff and things are just so much better than they’ve been for a long time.  Individual - Female

I only had five sessions, because that’s all it took for me to see how I was letting everyone in my life walk all over me. Helen asked me one question and it opened up the whole thing! I was respecting everyone else’s needs so much, I forgot about my own. I was like it with my ex-husband, my children, my boss and as soon as I saw that I decided I needed to put some boundaries in place and get my self-respect back so I can be sunny, smiley, shining Sarah again.  Individual - Female

Relationship therapist Helen Rice sees man and woman for couple counselling in Poole Bournemouth counselling room